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Project Financing

Project Financing
The Complete solution for Project Planning and Financial Management
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Project Financing is a Windows based, user-friendly calculation-analysis software. Company feels proud in developing this product as the top most Bankers and Chartered Accountants of the Nation are appreciating this. Facts speak about the success of this software as more than 15,000 copies have been sold and successfully installed allover India since its launch in April 2003.

  Application Usable Areas

This is intelligent software as it customizes the input data requirement according to the nature of the industry like Manufacturing or Service sector.

Long term target/projections planning.
Financial monitoring & tracking.
Financial Planning for sick, diversified or modernised companies.
Management Decisions Support for finance & planning.
Financial Planning and Budgeting for fresh and existing companies.
Consultant & Professionals in the institutions eg. Bank/Management Colleges and Credit Department of all Financial Institutes.
Project Appraisal & Feasibility Analysis.


Cost of Project & Means
  1. For expansion projects of the existing company it allows to feed the existing balance sheet so as to find a link between existing figures and projected figures.
  2. Capacity of Utilisation percentage, Reserve/Dividend percentage.
  3. Working Capital parameters having different levels of stock holding periods, margin money percentage & bank finance interest rates.
  4. Asset's purchase, depreciation & disposal schedules.
  5. Liability's repayment & conversion schedules.
  6. Assumptions of Expenses and their schedules/parameters.
  7. Tax exemptions, slabs and rates.
  8. Sales & Income assumptions and their schedules/parameters.
  9. Many other optional assumptions & parameters, those have standard/default values.
  10. Following input data is required to prepare a well structured report:
    1. Fixed Assets
    2. Means of Finance
    3. Project Parameters
    4. Income
    5. Expenses

Details of each input:


Financial Analysis

All reports can be prepared which any Bankers/FIs’ and Venture Capitalists require as a part of a good business plan.

  1. BEP Analysis Report
  2. Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statement
  3. Cost of Production and Profitability Statement
  4. Cost of Project
  5. DSCR Report
  6. Loans schedule like Repayment & Interest Schedule
  7. NPV/IRR analysis report
  8. P & L and Balance Sheets
  9. Ratio Analysis like Liquidity ratios; Capital Structure ratios: Activity ratios, etc.
  10. Sensitivity Analysis Report
  11. Stocks Statements
  12. Working Capital Parameters
  13. Unit Cost of Analysis
  14. Annexure Report


Fixed Assets

User will find a number of commonly used titles like Land & Development, Plant & Machinery, Electrification, Vehicles, Furniture & Fixtures, preoperative expenses, etc. already present in the menu. (appears on monitor screen) In addition to the above titles facility is provided to add new titles and delete the existing titles (if not required).


Mean of Finance

Options of financing like Term Loan, Secured & Unsecured Bank Loans, Debenture Loans, Working Capital Term Loans, Subsidies & Equity additions are given.

Each option is separately displayed in a menu screen and required input data need to be filled up like the year in which loan is availed; repayment terms of loan; interest rate on each year to calculate interest on outstanding loans by reducing balance method, etc. In the same way options for equity additions (preference or ordinary) and subsidies (if applicable) are available.


Project Parameters

Various project parameters are available for more precise projections like Currency Specification Factor, Plant Capacity Utilization; Dividend percentages, Reserve percentages, NPV/IRR parameters, DSCR parameters, Sensitivity analysis, Ratio parameters, etc.

In each of the above-mentioned parameters is separately displayed in different menu on a screen. These parameters information has to be filled up like expected capacity utilization in the projected years, dividend and reserve percentages for each year, working capital parameters, etc.

Once user fills all the required input data in the above-mentioned parameters details then effect of the input data is directly shown in the desired statements like dividends are reflected in respective years’ cash flows, reserves are reflected in respective years’ balance sheets, etc.



Various options are given in this parameter like income projected based on: 

  • Overall capacity of utilization based
  • Sales growth rate based
  • Adhoc amount based
  • Separate capacity of utilization based (in case of multi-products project)

Sales would be calculated automatically over projected period of time once user specifies the basis for sales.  Sales figure will include all relevant details like duties and taxes and will be projected on M.R.P. basis. User can specify excise percentage, which is used to calculate excise during the cost of production and profit statements.

Many other options like percentage of sales as cash or credit sales, sales from domestic or export market, etc. is given to make projections more precise.



In expenses too options are given to choose from for projections like Capacity of utilization based, Growth rate based expenses etc.

Specific categories of expenses like Raw material consumed, Packaging material consumed, Power and fuel, Salaries, Wages, etc. is provided for input data. Facility is provided to add the title if is not present in the menu.



Excellent facility to represent all tables and analysis with Hi-tech Graphs for easy visibility and understanding of the figure trends. 2 and 3 Dimensional Line/Area/Step/Bar/Pie charts and graphs can be prepared. These graphs support mix colour modes and can represent multiple projections at a time. [See Example]


Unique Features
Very easy to use, highly user friendly interface having sequentially, rationally structured menu driven.
Provide longer period scale projects spanning over multiple years.
Support flexible handling of assets/liabilities to purchase/dispose off them.
Support planning for renovation of assets, modernisation and diversification of business, inflations/deflations at all individual income/expense items, planning/projections to assist planning, budgeting, tracking and monitoring.
Provide Support and risk analysis through BEP analysis, IRR analysis and NPV analysis at user specified rates. Static analysis is of no relevance and therefore facility of risk analysis technique– Sensitivity Analysis is given to predict more precisely the viability of the project.
In ratio analysis– alert system is provided. Upper/lower limit of ratios can be fixed like Current ratio should not be reach or remain between 1 to 2.5 ranges during all year's projections. When taking out print of the sheet, it will show ratios above or below the range in different colour so that figures can be adjust to change ratios.
In Working Capital calculation first line and second line method are given. First line method calculates margin money on the net current assets which fetches more bank finance and therefore advisable for fresh projects. Second line method calculates margin money on the gross current assets so that margin money will be more. These parameters can also be specified specific to particular stocks & products. This method is good for healthy and settled businesses.
Unit Cost Analysis to judge efficiency & productivity of each product including breakup of direct/indirect of unit cost composition.
Analysis project stability & sensitivity through variations in Profitability, Debt Coverage & Liquidity to incorporate defined variations in income/expenses.
Conversation facility of figures in reports to different foreign currency with any user defined conversion rates & dividing factors.
Practical way of planning & projections to asist planning, budgeting, tracking & monitoring.
The software contains many more such facilities, which enhances the probability of accuracy of the projections. Phase wise project planning & projections.





Licence Fee: Rs. 9000 only.

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